One of the many musical genres Magdalena Chovancova fits superbly is Smooth Jazz . I love her ability to effortlessly slip from powerful energy in her playing to super smooth. Everytime I play Magdalena solo (and with her band Threestyle) listeners e mail and express their happiness on her playing and compositions. Personality, fun, energy and silk all come to mind when Magdalena s doin her thing. This album is going to be popular on the show and generate many more fans for her. If you get the chance to see her live go do it. This album is a treat and I can t wait to share it on The my Syndicated Best Smooth Jazz Program. Rod Lucas Best Smooth Jazz Radio & TV Show - London (

Good luck with the Album, Magdalena" Paul Hardcastle (Paul Hardcastle

Threestyle CD Description :

There is a tendency to categorize music, to make it fit into a predetermined definition. Then along comes Threestyle, and their efforts produce a “triple crossover,” as it were. Are they smooth jazz, lounge or chill? This is where one stops and realizes the best way to label their self-produced original music is to do what comes naturally: trust your ears. For certain, Magdalena Chovancova and Robert Fertl are gifted musicians, and they're joined in the studio (and in live performances) by equally talented contributors. So, prepare for some enjoyment and forget any debate of genre. Savor Threestyle, as I do. Roberto Q. Dias - journalist and music enthusiast - Tampa /Florida.

Feel The Vibe New Album Release from the Band Threestyle. 

Let´s Feel The Vibe! This young versatile band made up of Magdalena Chovancova playing the sax, flute, piano and vocals, her twin sister Gabriela who plays the drums, vibraphone and percussion, and Robert Fertl skilled in guitar play, bass, trumpet and vocals is an up-and-coming European smooth jazz band bringing you the ultimate unique sound experience. Featuring Markus Wohner and Thomas Tiefenbacher.

Recorded at Auratone Studio. Auratonestudio. Mastered at GKG Mastering Studio Ludwig Maier gkg-mastering Published by Copyright 2012 Welovemusic Records LC29003

© 2014 Copyright Welovemusic Records LC29003 All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized copying, duplication is a violation of applicable laws.


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Threestyle feat. Katja Rieckermann present their new maxi single "Funky Lights" featuring saxophone star Katja Rieckermann ( Rod Stewart Band ) We’re pleased to share with you a discovery… Europe’s Threestyle, founded by German guitarist Robert Fertl and his partner the Czech Republic’s Magdalena Chovancova who plays saxophone and flute for the ensemble. The project, currently based in Germany, features Katja Rieckermann from the Rod Stewart Band, along with an assortment of European A-Listers! Threestyle truly personifies Smooth Jazz with killer originals and a sophisticated, modern spin with their blend of smooth, nu, funk, soul and chill jazz! The band continues to tour the world on a regular basis, from the U.S. to South Africa, to the Caribbean and extensively throughout Europe! Their latest release FUNKY LIGHTS is available on Fertl’s recording label featuring the first single, the cool and sophisticated “FUNKY LIGHTS,” Composition Robert Fertl and Magdalena Chovancova. Tenor Sax Katja Rieckermann, Alt Sax Magdalena Chovancova, Bass Dave Csenge, Guitar and programming Robert Fertl. Recorded by Robert Fertl and Jeff Carruthers at, Mastered by Steve Hall at Published by Copyright Welovemusic Records 2014

New Album release “Get It” Threestyle feat. Magdalena Chovancova on the sax, is a groovy blend of Smooth Jazz, Pop and Soul. Recorded at the legendary Funky Joint Studio Los Angeles. Produced by double Grammy winner producer and guitarist Paul Brown and with incredible musicians, like on the keyboards Jeffrey Freeman, Guitar Michael Ripoll, bass James L.Manning, drums Mike Shapiro, WhaWha guitar Paul Brown, saxophone Magdalena Chovancova and guitar Robert Fertl. Written by DeYon Dobson, Paul Brown, Boney James, Tim Owens, Jeffrey Freeman, Robert Fertl and Magdalena Chovancova. Recording and Mixing by Paul Brown. Mastering by Steve Hall at futurediscsystems. Copyright 2014 Welovemusic Records LC29003